Pocomoke River Winter Special

27 01 2017

Why wait until warm weather when the fishing’s hot now. Warm up to February on the Pocomoke and save $50.00 off the regular rate on your next 4 or 6 hour guided trip. Biting now are crappie, pickerel, yellow perch and maybe a stray bass. Fishing license, ultralight G. Loomis spinning rods, Sage fly rods, tackle, ice and bottled water included. I’ll even bring a thermos of Royal Farms coffee. Offer good through the end of February. Don’t miss a fun time! Contact Kevin at 443-783-3271 or kjosenhans@aol.com to reserve your trip. 


Pocomoke Slam?

7 02 2016

I guess you could plug in any three species on any body of water and invent your own grand slam. Here on the Pocomoke River, it’s a rare day when we don’t boat a slam of some sort. Of late, it’s been pickerel, crappie and yellow perch. The occasional bluegill and largemouth bass can be added to the mix as well. Later on, white perch and hickory shad might join the crowd. Fishing the Pocomoke is a lot like Forrest Gump’s proverbial box of chocolates, “You never know what you’re gonna get.”  


Perch and Crappie Dates Open

14 03 2015

Some great perch and crappie fishing is happening right now on both the Pocomoke and Nanticoke rivers. We’re catching good numbers of yellow perch and crappie on the Pocomoke near Snow Hill casting 1/16 ounce crappie jig ‘n minnow combinations. The occasional bass and pickerel will surprise you as well. Plump white perch are available dunking bottom-fished bloodworms on the Nanticoke. I have dates open during the next two weeks for the boat, or walk on’s. Email or call for additional info at kjosenhans@aol.com and 443-783-3271. I need a minimum of three anglers for a walk on. Maximum of four. 

Josenhans Fly Fishing ~ Trip Opening

26 01 2013

I have an opening for one angler to share the cost of a trip fishing the Pocomoke River for pickerel, crappie, yellow perch and bass. Your half of the cost will be $150 for the six-hour trip. Available dates are March 16, 23, or 30. Please contact me if your are interested at kjosenhans@aol.com, or by phone at 443-783-3271. If you can’t make this trip but would like to put together one of your own, please let me know. Thanks!


Josenhans Fly Fishing ~ CBBT Rockfish

12 12 2012

CBBT – While the eel dunkers are catching a few mammoth stripers just offshore of Cape Charles, the light tackle guides fishing the CBBT pilings and islands have had their work cut out for them. The bite has been good on occasion, with a few of the rockfish stretching the tape to 50 inches. There have been other days when it’s been a chore to boat ten fish in the 20’s. I had a modest day last Friday with a dozen or so fat rock up to 38 inches (21 pounds on the boga). I’m taking a wind day today and then plan on fishing the pilings hard this Friday and Saturday. I hope to post a few photos of big stripers next week. Wish me luck!!

Skip Powers shows off a nice CBBT striper

Skip Powers shows off a nice CBBT striper

Crisfield – My year is about done fishing the shallows around Tangier Sound, and we ended on a good note, averaging fifty schoolie stripers in the 17″ to 24″ range. Lots of fun on the featherlite G.Loomis spin and fly tackle that I supply. We enjoyed a great season with specks, stripers,  redfish and blues and I’m already counting the days until the first stripers arrive at the Susquehanna Flats. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for trophy fish at the bridge tunnel until cold weather hits, and then slowing down a bit on the backwaters of the Pocomoke River, casting to crappie, yellow perch, pickerel and bass. The Pocomoke is a beautiful tidal river and the fishing is laid back. A great way to enjoy a cool winter’s day.

Christmas Gift Certificates – It’s not too late to order Christmas gift certificates for a 4, 6 or 8 hour guided fishing trip. This is the perfect gift for the angler who has everything. I’ll make sure it arrives before Christmas, and I  do take VISA or MasterCard!!

gift cert. final-002






The client always has a better selection of flies than the guide!


Fishing the creeks of Smith Island

Bushels of oysters awaiting a buy boat at Smith Island

Bushels of oysters awaiting a buy boat at Smith Island


Josenhans FF ~ Pic…eh…Crappie Report

24 02 2012

What began as a quest for trophy chain pickerel, soon morphed into a routine crappie expedition. The “speckled perch,” as my friend Shawn Kimbro so eloquently stated, were more eager to please. Rather than bore you with my mundane writings that would not do justice to an absolutely gorgeous day on the Pocomoke River, here is a link to Shawn’s take on the day in his blog Chesapeake Light Tackle. Shawn’s narrative is a refreshing change of pace, as it allows the reader to experience the trip through the client’s eyes.  You may wish to bookmark the site for future reference. Shawn has a gift for the written word and I thoroughly enjoy reading his timely and informative fishing reports during the course of a fishing season. You might also want to check-out Shawn’s new book, Chesapeake Light Tackle – An Introduction to Light Tackle Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. I intend to pick up a copy this weekend.

Don’t forget, CCA’s TieFest 2012 is this Saturday, February 25, at the Kent Island Yacht Club in Chester, MD. Show hours are 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. I hope to see you there!

Josenhans FF ~ Pocomoke Walk-On Trips

15 02 2012
I’ve had quite a bit of interest of late to fish the Pocomoke, with several folks looking to share a trip – I know it’s a long drive for many of you. If any of you would like to take advantage of this fun fishery, along with the walk-on cost-savings, please let me know. The price for two will be $140 per person , for three it’s $100 per person . This is the walk-on rate. You may still charter the boat for six-hours for just $275 – but you need to get your own friends ;-). This includes minnows (for perch and crappie, but they can be caught without bait), license, water, soda, ice, and coffee and donuts. You will need to bring your own lunch. Again, this is a six-hour trip.
Last Friday we had good numbers of crappie caught on fly and spinning gear, along with several pickerel to 24″ – and we weren’t even trying for the pickerel. A couple of bass, too. I have an all-pickerel trip this coming Friday so I hope to get some great photos. Stay tuned!!

Josenhans FF ~ Pickerel Come on Strong

4 02 2012

Yesterday, while crappie fishing on the Pocomoke, Tom Hylden and friends were pleasantly surprised by the good number of pickerel that ate our jig/minnow combinations. This should bode well for fly fishermen who seek to do battle with this aggressive member of the pike family. CCA MD is holding a Tidal Pickerel Championship and I believe the Pocomoke is as good a spot as any to take home the trophy. This is a “no bait” tournament, so if you would like to give the Pocomoke a shot give me a call and I’ll toss the minnows and concentrate on putting you on some good pickerel grounds. Back to yesterday’s trip, we did land maybe 30 or so crappie to 12-inches, along with a few bass to sixteen. Our final pickerel tally was maybe ten, not too bad considering our crappie gear. It was a fun mid-winter day on a beautiful tidal river.

Whitney Tilt shows off a good size Pocomoke pickerel


John Camp coaxed a couple of bass out of the brush


The makings of a fish-fry! All bass and pickerel were released.

Josenhans FF ~ No Place Like Home

11 05 2011

Tom with Pocomoke River bass

Nassawango Creek spadderdock

Boy, is it great to be back fishing on the lower shore! Even though the winds have kept me off Tangier Sound on several occasions, I have been fishing a lot, and for a variety of species. Last Thursday and Friday I enjoyed the company of college buddy Tom Decker and friend Brian Eyler. The plan was to fish out of Crisfield at least one of the two days but 25 – 30 mph winds nixed that idea. On Thursday we decided the Pocomoke might be a more relaxing venue. We put in at Byrd Park in Snow Hill and motored slowly downriver to some likely crappie holes. We caught a couple at the first spot but it wasn’t fast and furious by any stretch of the imagination. Down to Nassawango Creek we went. After some moving around and experimenting we started to get the crappie coming aboard. Every once in a while a bass or pickerel would surprise us and even white perch and bluegill liked our crappie jig offerings. Quite the variety. The 30 mph winds were present, but it was extremely fishable, and just a pleasant day on the water. All told, I guess we caught maybe thirty fish and six different species. 

Brian and Tom having fun with perch

On Friday, we decided to try something different as the winds were still upwards of 20-25  mph. We put in at Webster’s Cove in Mt. Vernon and headed to a nearby creek looking for white perch. The guys wanted to take a few home to eat. As the tide ebbed strong we began to catch white perch with the occasional rockfish (all rock were released unharmed). Since peeler crab seemed to be out-producing bloodworm we baited up with crab all-around, and as the tide slackened the perch got bigger. In three hours of fishing the guys landed maybe forty perch, with the biggest stretching the tape to 12 1/2 inches, and they had several more right at twelve.

Shelley Davis with schoolie rockfish

Tom Hylden with a nice 22 inch rock

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful in Crisfield, with just enough of a westerly breeze to make the ride across Tangier Sound a tad bumpy. Fishing with Tom Hylden and Shelley Davis we decided to make the trek to the lee side of a string of barrier islands below Smith Island. Pulling up quietly to a long stretch of beach the water was flat calm. The first cast produced a feisty 17 inch striper for Shelley, along with a carbon copy on the second cast. Before long both Tom and Shelly had several rockfish from 17 to 20 inches to their credit. As the tide and action slowed, we moved around to several locations and caught fish at just about every spot. Tom had the largest of the day, a fat 22 incher that hit right near the boat and gave him a heck of a battle. Tangier Island was sitting pretty nearby and the breeze even let up for the ride home. Just a fabulously beautiful day on the sound with two great fishing companions.

Eric's 32 inch striper on a popper

After enjoying a day off with the family on Sunday, I met Matt Roach and friends Jason and Eric at the Madison ramp on the Little Choptank river bright and early Monday morning. We started off working some shallow structure along the bay front with Stillwater Smack-it! poppers, hoping for a trophy rockfish that would be heading out of the bay after the spawn. It wasn’t long before Eric let out a yell as he was hooked up to something pulling drag big-time. After several determined runs we finally caught a glimpse of the first fish of the day, a beautiful 32 inch striper. This turned out to be the biggest fish of the day, as once again the wind played a factor, and this day chased us up into the Little Choptank for some catch and release fishing. School stripers to 21 inches kept the guys happy while casting under the protected banks of the river.

Jason's rock with Matt hooked up!

Matt's 21 inch rock

Tuesday was a travel day with Doug Andrews and Bernie Kemp. We were on a mission to catch some of the trophy red drum that have been prowling the flats off Fisherman’s Island down near the CBBT in Virginia. We met in Pocomoke and drove down together in my Ford truck, and I enjoyed the company as we planned out strategy. After stopping at Chris’ Bait and Tackle for a few last minutes odds & ends, we put in at Wise Point and readied the rods for some sight-fishing. Not a sure thing by any means, but it’s best to be prepared. After cruising the flats between Fisherman’s and Smith Island for perhaps an hour, we decided to anchor-up along a likely looking sand bar and fish peeler and hard crab baits for the drum. After Bernie caught a couple very large rays, Doug and I had two run-offs that we determined were probably drum due to the speed with which the line was leaving the reel. On both occasions, before we could get a hook-set the fish was gone. To make a long story short, the remainder of the day was spent catching skate, monster rays and one feisty dogfish at several locations on the flats. If you can call it a bright spot, we felt right at home with the locals as we didn’t see a drum boated during the entire day. This spring run of drum can be frustrating as you can experience many hours of sheer boredom interrupted by an hour or so of sheer pandemonium. So far this season, I’ve yet to get to the pandemonium part. Oh well, it was a beautiful day in a beautiful place with two great friends. Thanks guys! We’ll get ’em next time..

Inside the breakers at Fisherman's Island

The shallow water, striper topwater action is just heating up and will peak during June and July. Last year we had terrific action and explosive strikes from rockfish during the low-light  periods of dawn and dusk. If you want to experience one of the greatest thrills in all of striper fishing try shallow water topwater. A half-day morning or evening trip is perfect for some fast-paced excitement with this great gamefish. Both Crisfield and the Little Choptank produced rock to 34 inches last year.

Josenhans FF ~ Pocomoke Crappie

8 04 2011

Jesse with a Pocomoke crappie

Yesterday, we fished the Pocomoke River for the last time before heading to the Susquehanna Flats. This was a crappie trip, but we would take anything that put a bend in the rod. I met Jesse Maffuid and Bernie Kemp at Byrd Park in Snow Hill for a six-hour step back in time on the beautiful, dark clear waters of the Pocomoke. I hadn’t raised the throttle over idle speed before we wet our first line. Almost immediately, a couple of crappie spit the hook, but it was not what we were looking for. I traveled down river to Nassawango Creek to a favorite hole, and after a minute or two Jesse hooked up with a nice crappie on a chartreuse and black, jig and float combo.  Another crappie or two came over the side, Bernie caught a nice fourteen-inch bass and so it went. Over the next few hours Bernie added a couple or three more small bass and Jesse was high man on the crappie, along with a few colorful yellow perch. Bernie even had a surprise bluegill nail his small grub.

Bernie casting the spadderdock edges

That’s the nice thing about fishing this river is the variety. Even fishing small crappie jigs, every strike can bring a surprise. We finished the day with a flurry, along with the biggest crappie of the day within sight of the ramp. I think the largest stretched the tape to about twelve inches. Not jumbo crappie my southern standards but fun non-the-less. Onto the flats where, hopefully, the water has cleared and the stripers are hungry!