Josenhans FF ~ Big Flounder Make A Showing

10 08 2012

We took advantage of a brief lull in the speckled trout bite the other day and jigged up a few nice flounder. Total catch in a couple hours of fishing was ten, with eight keepers from 18″ – 24″. Big, beautiful fish!!  Terry Tubman and Bobby Shenton did the honors. Nice catch guys!! The flatties were hitting 3/4 ounce bucktails, hand-painted & tied by Bobby’s friend and Choptank River fishing legend Chuck Prahl.

Terry Tubman with his pool-winning 24-inch flounder


Josenhans FF ~ Hot August Fishing, News

4 08 2012

What a summer of fishing this has been! Hot weather  and even hotter fishing, especially for speckled trout. Right after my last blog entry, I took a planned two-week mini-vacation for some much need R & R. I had been running full-steam since the beginning of flats season. It was time for a break. In addition, my Yamaha made a trip to the doctor to have her fuel injectors cleaned. Seems they only do this in Florida. After a few extra day’s wait for shipping, I am happy to report the prognosis is excellent; as the 150 HPDI once again purrs like a kitten. Now back to the fishing report…

The last trip before my break Dave Elvin, Mike Nolan, John Scott and his son Troy enjoyed a banner day catching 30 specks ranging from sixteen to twenty-one inches. Thrown in was an assortment of rock, blues and croaker and, needless to say, it was very hard to take time off. It didn’t help matters when my first day back I was greeted with 15-20 Kt winds that roiled the shallows, yielding  but a brace of specks. The next day I traveled to the quaint township of Onancock, Virginia. My clients for the day had rented a private home just on the edge of town, so I agreed to meet them at the town dock. The fifteen-minute run to the bay down Onancock Creek provided a picturesque cruise past a mix of stately old Eastern Shore homes, smaller shore dwellings and miles of unspoiled shoreline. I think I could retire happy living on Onancock Creek. In addition to the beautiful scenery, fishing’s not bad either. Final tally for the day was 23 specks to twenty-two inches, a baker’s dozen of feisty bluefish and a handful of rockfish. Once again, all was right with the world. During the past two weeks, speckled trout catches have been as high as 35 per day, with a handful of days in the 20’s. Flounder catches are still well off last years pace, but the few times we have tried has yielded some nice fish to 24-inches.

Late-Summer and Fall Bookings are running way ahead of last season’s pace, so if you want to enjoy some of this fabulous speckled trout fishing please don’t wait to reserve a date. I have been blessed with many new clients this season and for that I am truly grateful. And to my long-time friends, words alone cannot express my gratitude for your continued support. 

Share a Trip – I occasionally receive requests to find a fishing partner(s) in order to share expenses. This way, you get the full trip at half, or even a third the cost. I will act as your booking agent and make all the arrangements, in advance. If this trip arrangement interests you, please let me know. Enjoy some photos from the past two weeks.

Randy and family began their trip at the Onancock, VA Town Wharf

Julie holding a beautiful spotted trout

Randy’s daughter Kylie loves to fish and her smile shows it

Somers Cove Marina at sunrise – Crisfield, MD

Scott shows-off a puppy drum – I think it’s going to be a fun fall with redfish

A first for my boat. At five-pounds, this Smooth Puffer put up quite a fight..

…not so much when swelled-up!

Troy with his largest speckled trout to date

Mary with an awesome speck

Michael with a nice speck of his own – what a morning this was!!

Troy with one of his six biggest specks to date – all caught on my boat this morning

After 28 specks to 23″ in just four hours, Terry T. and Bobby S. enjoyed the view on the ride home (No, it wasn’t quite that close)

Rodney Sunday with his first fly-caught speckled trout

and, while he’s at it…

..his first fly-caught bluefish! I think he’s hooked!!

Not to be outdone, Rodney’s dad Corey landed this pretty trout

Let’s not forget there are some nice flounder out there!

George Lenard of fame fooled this fat 22-incher with his Blue Crab pattern

Dave Gedra with a nice flatty on a Specialized Baits Li’l Jimy

Redfish like Li’l Jimy’s, too