Josenhans Fly Fishing – CCA Red Trout Catch and Release Tournament

28 07 2013


I would like to announce the first annual CCA Red Trout Catch and Release Tournament to be held September 7-8, 2013 in Crisfield, Maryland. This is a Pro Am event open to the public. I have entered the tournament and I am looking forward to competing with all of my fellow guides and speck/red fishing friends. Fishing should be approaching it’s peak for red fish and speckled trout during tournament weekend and I anticipate a large turn-out. For additional information, please click on the link below. Also, please note that the Captain Tyler Motel is now fully booked for tournament weekend. Alternative lodging can be found at the Best Value Somers Cove Motel in Crisfield or the Holiday Inn Express in Pocomoke City, MD

CCA Red Trout Catch and Release Tournament Info


Josenhans Fly Fishing – July Newsletter

12 07 2013

The month of June has seen a stretch of windy weather unlike anything I have experienced since, well, May? In point of fact, the first half of 2013 has been the windiest six-month stretch of my 20-year guiding career. I am really glad I have my trusty Jones Brothers underfoot to soften the ride.

20130712-123626.jpg Regardless, we are experiencing yet another outstanding season with speckled trout. As anticipated, numbers are down slightly from 2012 but the average size is greater. To date, we have had many more specks of 23-inches and larger, with several in the 27-inch range. I look for a super fall with some really big fish!!

Redfish, or puppy drum as they are known hereabouts, are slowly increasing in numbers. These hard-fighting bulldogs have grown as well. Most that we have caught have been in the 19 to 22-inch size range. I can honestly say they’ll make you forget all about speckled trout. There’s no quit in a red.

20130712-125749.jpg Stripers and bluefish round out the usual daily catch, with even a few weakfish (grey trout) in the mix. Flounder have yet to make a showing, but then the breezy conditions have not really been conducive to good flounder fishing. Take a visual stroll through some of this past month’s action.

20130712-132554.jpg Steve Smith nailed this healthy rockfish in heavy grass

20130712-132922.jpg John Lupenitti with a fly caught speck

20130712-133200.jpg Mark Nichols enjoyed another great day

20130712-133312.jpg Phil Bangert hefts a 27-inch speck

20130712-133704.jpg Jack McKenna had fun with the long stick

20130712-133849.jpg Jack’s trout were caught on his son Kevin’s hand-tied pink Cactus Striper

20130712-134211.jpg Burt Anderson’s custom-tied flies are works of art

20130712-134749.jpg ..and put to the test..

20130712-134904.jpg ..this bluefish proves they’re not just pretty to look at

20130712-135205.jpg John McMinn fooled this colorful speck on a fly

20130712-135752.jpg Kevin Gladhill enjoyed an outstanding day with big specks

20130712-135925.jpg Kevin released all of his trout to be caught again

20130712-140137.jpg Bob Clark became a believer in plastic jigs

20130712-140456.jpg Bob with another beauty!

20130712-193618.jpg Chris Harley proudly displays a nice four-pound trout

20130712-193913.jpg Spencer Schenking with one of several weakfish caught this day

20130712-194125.jpg Spencer’s dad Mike with a grey trout of his own

20130712-194423.jpg Spence doubles-up on trout with a fine speck

20130712-194619.jpg This good-sized croaker fell to Spence’s Clouser Minnow

20130712-194852.jpg Mike adds a speck of his own

20130712-195101.jpg Susan Kemp had the hot hand early with big specks

20130712-195242.jpg Susan’s 9 year old grandson Nick McIver was top dog for the day with his 24.5″ rockfish

20130712-200604.jpg Bo Hardesty and Steve Schad with a brace of specks

20130712-200719.jpg Steve had lots to smile about as he and Bo landed over 30 trout for the day

20130712-201159.jpg Howard Stinefelt braved windy conditions to land this fat speck

Josenhans Fly Fishing – Blog Test

9 07 2013

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last blog/newsletter. In addition to fishing everyday, I’ve been having some problems with my WordPress blog host/computer, or both. I’m going to give you a short sample of what’s coming in the July newsletter. I will be attempting to write this from my iPhone, hence the ‘test’ reference. If it works, I see a new iPad in my future. I promise to have a detailed report, along with many photos from the past months fishing exploits out very soon.

Phil Bangert with a fat 27-inch speck

Bobby Shenton shows-off his 24-inch trout