Fisherman’s Island Red Drum

11 03 2015

I have one spot open to share a  trophy red drum trip with another angler on Thursday, April 30. We will be casting lures or flies to cruising red drum and stripers on the flats of Smith and Fisherman’s Island on Virginia’s lower eastern shore. Contact me for details at or 443-783-3271. 


Red Drum Starter

4 05 2014

20140504-105139.jpg Photo Credit Kevin Josenhans

Red drum are just getting started on the eastern shore of Virginia. Rob McColligan managed to boat this 50-inch beauty after one heck of a battle near Fisherman’s Island. The big bull managed to get in the current between the breakers and almost spooled Rob before he managed to turn him. Shallow water drum fishing can’t be beat!

20140504-105341.jpg Photo Credit Ron Long

Josenhans Fly Fishing – Monster Reds!!

30 04 2013

Flash!! – Big red drum today at Fisherman’s Island. Landed three reds 43″-46″ on half a hard crab. Two black drum around 40 pounds as a bonus. If I wasn’t 100 miles from my computer I’d include some photos, but I guess you’ll have to wait for them. Or maybe I’ll go buy an iPad so I can download (or is it upload) the pics. More to follow…