Red Drum Starter

4 05 2014

20140504-105139.jpg Photo Credit Kevin Josenhans

Red drum are just getting started on the eastern shore of Virginia. Rob McColligan managed to boat this 50-inch beauty after one heck of a battle near Fisherman’s Island. The big bull managed to get in the current between the breakers and almost spooled Rob before he managed to turn him. Shallow water drum fishing can’t be beat!

20140504-105341.jpg Photo Credit Ron Long




4 responses

5 05 2014

Great to see some clear water and spectacular fish too!

5 05 2014
Josenhans Fly Fishing

That place is world class when everything clicks!

5 05 2014
Phil Kerchner

A top notch guide makes all the difference!

7 05 2014
Denton Ortman


Cherokee is set in beautiful mountains. Woke early this AM and opened the door of the bunk house(setting by in great trout stream) and there was a hen wild turkey less than 100′ away! Havin a good time… And coming back sometime this summer!

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