The Fat Lady has Sung

15 05 2016

The game is over, for this season’s southern Chesapeake adventure, at least. While we certainly enjoyed our share of exciting moments chasing bull reds and trophy stripers on the lower bay flats, the weather was not our friend. Cool temperatures, dirty water and more east wind than you’d see during a tropical storm, all made for difficult sight-fishing conditions. ‘Boom or Bust’ is how I’d best describe the action. Still, when after what seems like a thousand casts you finally hook that behemoth drum, and she begins peeling 30# braid from the reel at an alarming clip, the wait is long forgotten. Or, as the boat is surrounded by 40-plus inch stripers who continue to ignore your near perfect presentations, when finally a monster inhales your offering and the battle is on, the wait is long forgotten. As one client aptly described it, after experiencing a mild case of buck fever, “this is not fishing, but trophy big game hunting!” Thanks to all my clients for your patience and perseverance, both those who succeeded and those who did not. This fishery will test the mettle of the most ardent angler. Therein lies the drug. 




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16 05 2016
Bernard Dormer

Kevin, book CHRIS and I for the same time next year at CCTB. Monday and Tuesday. Bernie

Sent from my iPhone


16 05 2016
Josenhans Fly Fishing

Bernie – No Monday’s and Tuesday’s available. I’ll email you to discuss. KJ

16 05 2016

I gotta try that next year.

David R Frazier Sent from my iPhone


16 05 2016
Josenhans Fly Fishing

It’s a challenge but rewarding when you hit it right. Very weather dependent.

16 05 2016
John Rodenhausen

Great post, Kevin!

16 05 2016
Josenhans Fly Fishing

Thanks John.

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