Secret’s Out – Big White Perch are In

12 03 2016

The annual spring run of Nanticoke River white perch is in full swing. Fish to 13-inches have been caught on my boat by anglers dunking bloodworms on #4 bait-holder hooks. When the tide’s right this is fast and furious fishing. Great for the young angler in your life. Bring the kids and have a blast!





5 responses

12 03 2016
Jason Twilley

I haven’t seen a difference as far as tide goes. As long as it’s moving, they’re biting.

13 03 2016
Josenhans Fly Fishing

Bit the entire tide today. Best day yet.

13 03 2016

Nice Kevin! I saw you at the ramp the other day waiting for your clients. This is Ron, green aluminum boat, yellow FJ cruiser, from the Pocomoke.

13 03 2016
Josenhans Fly Fishing

Hey Ron. Wasn’t that your truck at Sharptown too? Did you get some of those whites?

15 03 2016

Yes, was at Sharptown on Friday. We found a huge school of perch and sat over them for 3 hours. Caught 118 Perch and kept 24 of the biggest. Also a massive catfish, maybe 15 pounds, it was huge on a light crappie rod. Gonna make one more perch trip in the next week then maybe a couple of crappie trips before turning to the coastal bays. The stripers are really active, although all short up to 24 inches. Fished the end of incoming yesterday and boated 15 rockfish in 1.5 hours. See you soon.

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