Big Chains 

4 03 2016

We’ve been catching some big chain pickerel while casting for crappie and perch on the Pocomoke River. You would think with using the light lines that we do for the panfish those toothy pike would cut us off more often, but they don’t. Seems these cold weather pickerel have a knack at hooking themselves in the corner of their mouth leaving the light monofilament unscathed. A short length of fluorocarbon leader would pretty much seal the deal.  





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5 03 2016

Nice ones and close to home 😉

David R Frazier Sent from my iPhone


5 03 2016
Josenhans Fly Fishing

It’s been fun. A little slow today. Snow dropped the water temperature.

7 03 2016

Nice looking fish! Fly fishing goodness.

5 04 2016
Eric Josenhans

Kind of reminds me of Mr Dicks’ cabin. Minus the black flies though.!

5 04 2016
Josenhans Fly Fishing

It does. For some reason I miss those flies. Would like to do that again.

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