Josenhans FF ~ Big Fish at the Flats!!

15 04 2012

Here is a quick look at my first full week fishing the Susquehanna Flats. Despite the relentless westerly wind – which most days blew at a steady 20-25 mph –  we managed to catch a good number of rockfish, along with some reel drag-burners!  From Tuesday the 10th to Saturday the 14th, my clients boated 14 stripers of 30-inches or better, with two over 40. The bulk of the big rock measured in the 33″ – 38″ range. Largest fish of the week was a 41-inch trophy that would most-likely have bottomed the scales to near 35 pounds. Several days saw as many as 80 school-sized rockfish from 16″ – 28″ brought boat-side. Enjoy some photos of this past weeks action.




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