Josenhans Fly Fishing ~ Spring Fling!

20 03 2012

The past three weeks have been all white perch and crappie. Throw in the occasional pickerel – along with a wayward rockfish, or three – and we’ve had some pretty good spring fishing. Flounder are making a showing on Virginia’s eastern shore and I will be making a trip or two down that way before I head to the flats. Speaking of the Susquehanna, the latest intel has clear water, with temps in the 50’s on much if the flats; prime conditions for stripers. Reports have it the big pre-spawn fish are moving up the bay, so everyone’s thinking the flats should bust wide open at anytime. I’ll be there when it does, so get your trip booked now. Here are some shots from past couple of weeks, with the most recent trips posted first..

Eroica Wallman with her first Pocomoke River crappie

Not to be outdone, Scott Wallman adds one to the catch

This pickerel gave Eroica a good battle!

This longnose gar was an unexpected visitor

Peter Gray having fun with Pocomoke River crappie

Justin Matoska adds a pickerel to the tally


Phil Bangert has his hands full with a Nanticoke River white perch..

..and the prize..

Some of the perch were upwards of 13"

The Pocomoke is a great fly fishing venue

Jim Lowell with a nice pickerel on fly





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