Josenhans FF ~ CBBT Big Fish Report!

24 12 2011

Matt Roach, Eric Bleicher and Mike Robertson joined me for a much-anticipated trip to the CBBT. After a fruitless couple of hours looking for fish and bird activity in the ocean, we moved on to plan B and returned to the bridge tunnel. I’ll be honest, rockfish were hard to come by. And while we didn’t exactly fill the boat, but we did manage a couple of nice stripes around the islands and pilings. Specialized Baits “The Bug” in 1.5 oz. with a 6-inch BKD was the hot lure. Eric had the hot hand early, but Matt’s 43-inch fish took top honors. Both stripers were a personal best for the guys and the fish were released after a quick photo-op.

Eric struck first with this 34-inch beauty


Matt with his 43-inch trophy rockfish





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