Josenhans Fly Fishing ~ Snapshots of Autumn

23 11 2011


Creek fishing for fall rockfish

We have switched to full rockfish-mode here on Tangier Sound and fishing has been very good when the wind allows us to get out. While there are still a few rock swimming the creeks of Smith Island, as they search for killifish and small mud crabs, the majority of stripers have schooled along the edges of the sound’s deep channel. Look for bird activity – gulls, pelicans and diving gannets – to signal feeding rockfish. While most of the rock have been running 18″ to 26,” the occasional fish over 30″ is always a possibility. This run-and-gun fishing should last through mid-December, but you need to bundle-up. Enjoy some snapshots of ‘Fall on Tangier.’ My best always, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Paul Eichelberger fooled this creek rockfish with his custom-tied fly


"Paul's Fly" was the ticket!


Ray Leety having fun with the 'long wand'


Paul with another striper on the fly

On Halloween day, Jack McKenna had a special morning while looking for rock in the tidal creeks of Smith Island. After a dozen or so nice stripers at our very first stop, we rounded a bend only to find rockfish exploding on the surface along the edge of a shallow flat. Jack tied a small popper on his 8 wt. and for two solid hours had rockfish from 18″ to 23″ jumping all over his topwater offering! Fly fishing doesn’t get any better than this!!

Jack McKenna in fly fishing heaven


Crab shanties of Smith Island

 A trip out of Madison on the Little Choptank yielded acres of breakers for Margaret and Doug Worrall and long-time friend Ann McIntosh. Fall is where the fish are!!

Margaret Worrall with one of many Little Choptank rockfish

Tom Weaver, Dave Wood and Nick Shuck, USMC Col. Ret., enjoyed a beautiful fall day fishing the creeks and bayside shorelines of Smith Island. One secluded spot in particular brought a flurry of action with bigger stripers that kept this captain hopping like a barefooted kid on a  hot tar road.

Tom Weaver shows off a healty rockfish


Nick Shuck enjoyed the action of the light G.Loomis spinning rods


Dave Wood had the hot hand at the 'big fish' hole




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