Josenhans Newsletter ~ Breaking fish starting!

8 11 2010

Brian Eyler with a shallow water rockfish

Off today – wind day (what else is new!) Will this wind ever stop! I hope you all are finding some protected places to fish, as this has been one of the most blustery falls that I can recall. Crossing Tangier Sound to get to the protected shores of Smith Island has been a fun ride at times, although completely safe and comfortable in my Jones Brothers. I had a fellow tell me the other day – as the spray was pelting him in the face –  that it all adds to the experience. I think he meant that in a good way 🙂


Brian's father-in-law with a nice blue

Anyway, as you know from past e-letters we have been fishing the creeks of Smith Island of late for some nice fat school stripers. In addition, we have had acres of breaking rockfish out in the main bay between Holland Light and the American Mariner target ship – that is if the wind allows us to get out there. Gannets were diving the other day as we arrived and this usually signals big bait and big fish. Sure enough, the second tug on the line produced an over-stuffed 32″ rockfish of around 12 pounds! Baby bunker (peanut bunker to some) were being harassed by a nice grade of rockfish and the schools were moving fast. We had a blast for several hours casting Storm shads and Li’l Jimy’s of The Li’l Jimy’s were the hot ticket, as they matched the size of the bait to a “T.” Nice looking bucktails, like a custom-tied fly but with a lead head. We also ran into a school of 3 – 4 pound bluefish on a recent trip to the SW Middlegrounds. They were tearing up the peanut bunker on the surface making for easy pickings for my group of spin fishermen.


Jigged up a fall visitor. Can you identify?

 Hope to see you on the water!




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