Josenhans Newsletter ~ Smith Island Creeks

4 11 2010

Maurice Klein with a Smith Island striper

Sorry for the long delay in between newsletters. I have been on the water a lot and when I return in the evening the computer keyboard looks sort of blurry. Fishing has been great if the wind allows us to fish the way we want to, if at all. This has been some fall for wind, blowing 15-20 many days. Several trips have been rescheduled, and rescheduled again.. The guys have been great about putting up with the weather and for the most part we have done well. I’m going to change things up a little this week and simply include a few snapshots from some of our trips.

Gene Jones hooked up on his 7 wt.

Short visit to Tyleton on Smith Island

..for a BIG crabcake at Drum Point Market

Gene with a brace of Smith Island creek rockfish




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