First Speckled Trout of the Season

5 06 2015

#speckledtrout are gradually starting to make a showing in #tangiersound. Cold stun kills in NC and VA took a toll the past two winters. I look for last year’s tremendous year class to have survived and should start trickling in soon. #Fishing #SeeWhatsOutThere #hogylures #hookedup #BuiltForTheWild #ChesapeakeBayFishing #CCAMD  





2 responses

6 06 2015

Got 7 with Pete about 3 weeks ago. Found them and dink rock in the “canal” between the Honga and Charles Creek. Found more over by Holland Is. You might want to go scouting on a slow day. Know its a haul for you but you could trailer to a put in and meet your crew there.

John Lappin

6 06 2015
Josenhans Fly Fishing

Pete told me he hasn’t caught any specks since those first seven.

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