December Stripers on Fly

6 12 2014

Still some nice rockfish around for those who don’t mind a long run in a cold boat. No heater in my Jones Brothers but we still have fun. Here’s a brace of 30-inch stripers caught today on my G. Loomis NRX 9 weight.






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7 12 2014

Nice ones. I was thinking about going there yesterday but pulled my boat out to get some minor repairs and decided to winterize. I knew I made a bad decision….HA HA. Keep up the good work. Those are beautiful fish. We caught some on topwater first of November over hear in 4-5′ of water right off the beach. I hooked up with a 31-1/2″ striper on a Creek Chub lure. Powder blue/white tail. That’s the biggest striper I have ever caught on topwater and it was the exact same day and general location where we caught them last year. My new work address is below. My firm merged with MCB 11/10/14. Happy Holidays!!!

David R Frazier, CPA Matthews, Carter & Boyce, CPAs 12500 Fair Lakes Circle, Suite 260 Fairfax, Va 22033 W 703-719-0037 F 703-719-5899 C 703-244-9971

7 12 2014
Josenhans Fly Fishing

Thanks Dave. Great news on the business end. Best of luck. Sounds like you’ve found a pattern with your popper location. Nice catch! There are quite a few cookie-cutter 30-inch rock around right now. Sea lice dripping off of them as you bring them in the boat. If only the wind would stop blowing. This coming week looks to be nasty.

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