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2 10 2014

Here’s a little trivia question: Just how many different rod models does G. Loomis currently offer? Keep in mind that G. Loomis was the first major rod company to introduce the fishing world to graphite rod blanks. Also remember that G. Loomis rods include freshwater, saltwater, surf, fly, salmon & steelhead, and are designed for almost every known technique fishermen use today.

Many rod manufacturers will offer very similar rods for the most popular freshwater fishing techniques. Or, they will “skirt” saltwater. Or, they may have a few popular lengths and weights for fly rod fishing. But only G. Loomis offers the most comprehensive selection of models for almost every fishing application.

Here’s another hint: There is only one rod manufacturer who makes EVERY rod they offer in the USA – specifically Woodland, Washington. Every blank is made there; every rod is assembled there using good old American labor and workmanship.

So, did you guess over 100? Maybe over 200? Did you “go off the deep end” and guess several hundred? We’re betting you were light! Actually G. Loomis currently offers over 700 different models of cast, spin, saltwater, salmon & steelhead, and fly rods. Even more amazing is the fact that the world’s best known rod designer and winner of more casting contests than any living person – Steve Rajeff – has had a hand in almost every rod design that G. Loomis offers!

This issue we’re not going to talk about specific rod models or series. Nor go into details about specific products. We will do that in future issues. We believe that the more you know about our G. Loomis rods and what goes into them the more you will realize there simply is no substitute. More on some of our special rods in the next issue. But for now, just remember that G. Loomis has the rod you are looking for!”

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