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30 08 2014

I have openings for a full day walk on both Monday, Sept. 8 and Tuesday, Sept. 9. One open spot each day. Your cost will be $250. This includes license, tackle, ice and cold drinks. Please let me know if you are interested at your earliest convenience. Fishing should be hitting it’s fall stride by then with rock, specks, blues, and there have been a few nice reds around. Maybe even a flounder or two if the wind cooperates. Should be a fun trip!




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31 08 2014


I have a three hour drive, assuming no resale traffic issues.

What time is departure?

Do you still go out of James Island?

Full day means? If we depart by 8am what time will we back in?

Monday interests me, but need to take the travel time into consideration. I have a full day on Tuesday.


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Tom Sweeney


31 08 2014
Josenhans Fly Fishing

Hi Tom,
I’m afraid that both days have been booked. I will keep you as an alternate should one of the other guys cancel. Thanks for your interest!
BTW- Full day is 8 hours

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