Josenhans Fly Fishing ~ G. Loomis

29 10 2011

A shameless plug for a great rod brand!

These are the facts as I understand them. G.Loomis blanks/rods are made in the U.S.A. Shimano owns G.Loomis. Has for maybe 10 years. G.Loomis still operates as it’s own entity. ALL G.Loomis blanks/rods are made by G.Loomis in Woodland, Washington and assembled in WA. Nothing is mass-produced or assembled in another country. Shimano rods are a separate entity altogether. The G.Loomis quality is the same as it has always been.

There are two warranties that should be of interest to you (see below). The Wildcard is new and is a great deal. It’s FREE. The Xpeditor has increased from $50 to $100 per rod but is still a great deal. They don’t ask a single question. Just ship you the new rod (usually get the new rod in 2-4 days) and you ship back the broken rod postage paid. The more expensive the rod the better the deal.

Wild Card: A service program offering a onetime, no questions asked, free, over the counter replacement. Applicable to NRX, Pro4x and GL2 rods only. All NRX, Pro4x and GL2 rods are covered by G.Loomis Limited Lifetime warranty mutually exclusive of this program.

Xpeditor™ Program Details
G.Loomis Xpeditor: a paid service that allows you to replace a broken rod expediently and without question.
•Upon receiving your request, G.Loomis will immediately ship a replacement rod via standard ground delivery
•When you receive your new rod, remove it from the shipping tube, place the broken rod into that same tube and affix the enclosed (pre-paid) shipping label on the outside of the tube.
•The cost: $100.00 U.S. (Per Rod) for standard ground delivery
This is a great deal on the more expensive rods.

The G.Loomis GL2 blank makes a great rod and comes in a variety of models. It is relatively inexpensive and will work for all bay fishing situations.

Check out their website at

Disclosure: I am a member of the Shimano/G.Loomis Pro Team




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