Josenhans FF ~ Tough Luck with Drum

8 05 2011

Evening view from Fox Island

Many of you have been asking about my search for red drum, so here goes.. I have tried to run a trip or two for red drum of late but the weather (wind) doesn’t want to cooperate. We have been fishing the Fox Island bar out of Crisfield in the evenings using peeler crab as bait, with little success. During the past week or so, when conditions have been right, some big reds have been caught at both Fox and Smith Islands. These spring-run drum average 30 to 40 pounds and are worth the wait, but they can be few and far between. In between the drum excursions, we have cast poppers, such as the Stillwater Smack-it! and Storm Chug Bug for rockfish in the shallows of Fox Island. Stripers averaging 18 to 23 inches have provided some explosive surface action during low-light periods. This topwater bite should only get better as more post spawn fish leave the rivers. This past week, I’ve had a full schedule of trips in a variety of places and I’ll have a full report in a day or so. Stay tuned…




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