Josenhans FF ~ TieFest and Lower Rates!

12 02 2011

I really enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone at TieFest today. What a great event!  Thanks to Tony and all the volunteers who helped make it possible. 

Since I lowered my rates a while back for the Susquehanna Flats, I’ve decided to do the same for the rest of the bay. I’m going to take the same $25 off each trip, so the new rates for Tangier Sound and the mid-bay will be as follows:

Full Day    (8 hours)    $450

3/4 Day     (6 hours)    $400

1/2 Day     (4 hours)     $325

Also, there will be an additional $25 deduction if fishing solo. Gas prices seem to have stabilized so I wanted to pass the savings on to you. I’m looking forward to sharing a great day of fishing with you all this season!




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