Josenhans Newsletter ~ Surface Stripers

30 11 2010
Quick report here with some pics and a special offer for the CBBT!

Jack with his fat eight pound striper on his nine weight

First the report. I was fortunate to fish with long-time client and good friend Jack McKenna twice in the past ten days. Jack is an ardent fly fisherman, and just plain good company. We fished the Little Choptank last week, and just yesterday spent the morning casting to breaking rockfish between Crisfield and Tangier Island. The False Channel held a good grade of stripers for us last Friday, with Jack’s biggest tugging the boga down to near eight pounds. With the wind and tide helping, Jack said that was the hardest fighting striper he had ever landed on his nine-weight! The fish was near as wide as it was long – probably full of bunker.

I was ready with my Shaggy Shad from Specialized Baits.

Yesterday was a very cold morning and I had to clear ice from the boat before we left Somers Cove – and I keep in on a trailer. The seas were fairly calm as we left the Little Annemessex river and headed south towards Tangier.

It wasn’t long before we saw the first of the birds working steadily over feeding rockfish. We chased school after school between Fox Island and Tangier Island, Jack catching on his nine weight with a 350 grain sink-tip, and me dredging the bottom with my Shaggy Shad, sweetened with a 6 inch BKD (Bass Kandy Delight). We enjoyed steady action with 18″ to 22″ stripers until we broke for lunch around noon.

Jack casting to rockfish feeding just below the diving gulls

We ended the day pulling a couple of rock out of a Smith Island creek where the water temperature was holding steady at 49 degrees – perfect for creek rockfish. The wind dropped out to nothing and we had a great ride back on just a beautiful fall day on Tangier Sound. This fast fishing should last another week or two and then I’ll be heading to the CBBT. If anyone wants some fun, fast fishing out of Crisfield, give me a call!

I have a few holes I would like to plug at the CBBT, so I’m going to lower my daily rate to $500 for two people, down from the usual $550. All tackle, ice, drinks, snacks and Virginia license is provided. If you prefer to meet me in Salisbury on the morning of the trip, I’ll even provide the transportation in my comfortable, brand new, 4-door Ford pickup. Call or email me for details. The big rock are down there as I write this and it should only get better. Don’t miss the boat (or truck) on some great fishing!!
Tight Lines,



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