Josenhans Fly Fishing Newsletter

23 08 2010
Short report. I took a week off while my boat had some minor work done to the tilt/trim unit, now it’s ready to go for a long fall season. I did manage to get out today for some white perch fishing on the Choptank River. Mid-day, bright sun, low tide, dirty water and still managed to catch about 40 perch in a couple hours of fishing. Nothing real big but a blast on light tackle. Cast Beetle-Spin lures of 1/8th ounce did the trick. This is a lot of fun and they should be even bigger with better water conditions. Caught a couple YOY rockfish of around eight inches as well. Good to see those guys.
Three trips between now and Saturday so it’s back to stripers, blues and maybe some spanish macks. I think Saturday’s trip starts off with the perch so it looks like I’ll start the day off with some fast action. Hope to have a great report for you all next week. Topwater rockfish is still going strong and next Monday and Tuesday are the last two days for the six hour summer rates. If you would like to take advantage of some fun fishing let me know soon!
Tight Lines till next week,



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