Josenhans Fly Fishing Newsletter

2 07 2010
Hi Everyone,
Just a short report this week to let you know I’m still alive and well. The striper fishing has definitely become a low-light deal. Early morning and late evening has produced rockfish in the shallows casting poppers and plastics, There are a few spots where you can catch them all during the day if you have clean water and a good current. Not taking many pictures due to the very warm water and stress this puts on the fish. Please take care to release them gently and quickly this time of the year. 
Had an evening trip last night and the rock were feeding on large schools of silversides and baby bunker. Didn’t get the first smack on a popper until 7:45 PM. Late or early is definitely the name of the game for topwater. Nice fish though. Bait was so thick the water looked like silverside soup!! Will try to get some pics of the bait with my polarized lens so you can see just how thick these schools are. Like a grocery store for the stripers.
Bluefish can still be had in the main bay off Smith and Tangier Islands. Look for signs of surface activity. The blues will sometimes feed all day, as sunlight doesn’t seem to bother them. Some big croaker are around deepwater structure and more flounder are moving in.
Till next week,



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